Everything you ever wanted to know about List Building

I came across a great video that talks about List Building and Mailing Lists and everything you need to know. It’s called Every Listbuilding Trick Known to Man and explains how to build an Opt-In mailing list and how to make money from it. You don’t have to be looking to set up a new business, a successful mailing list can also support and existing business, and help keep your customers informed of any new services or products you may have.

I ended up following a link off the page to The ListBuilding Club which is one example of what can be done once you create a mailing list. Apparently it gives you access to a number of other free videos that can help teach you have to make money online. I haven’t signed up for it or anything like that, but it looks interesting enough.

The one thing I would recommend is that you try not to rely on your mailing list as the only channel you use to approach your customers. A mailing list is a powerful device, but it’s even more powerful used in conjunction with other tools like an Adwords campaign and some good SEO for your company’s website. Also don’t underestimate the power of offline mechanisms like traditional advertising and word-of-mouth. You need to have a consolidated strategy to win customers rather than just relying on a single channel.

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