Welcome to the new look Honeypot!


I’ve finally finished putting the last few tweaks on how the theme is working on this site. It’s not complete yet, I have a new colour scheme being prepared for it, but the page layout is going to stick. The theme itself has some other nice bits I’m not using, but who knows, I might in the future.

I like all the extra facilities this theme gives me. I like the Media section on the right; I’m hoping to populate this with cool tech videos I like. It’s a bit like getting a Magnet kitchen in, then chasing down some top-of-the-line Hansgrohe taps and some perfect blinds for it. You can hunt and hunt and hunt and when you find what you want it’s just bliss. I’ve been looking for a theme with sidebars the way I like them for ages. Well, this theme has a wide sidebar and 2 narrow ones and I can split my content every which way I like. I’ve had to resize some things, but I still have lots of space to play with.

Anyway, if you spot anything you don’t like, just drop me a comment. And if you have any suggestions on how I can improve it; just let me know.

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