Looking for a Halloween Costume?

Are you a fan of Halloween? If you are, you’ve probably already made plans as to where you’re going to party and more importantly, what you’re going to wear. Halloween should be more fun this year, as Arthur is going to two years old, but last year, we dressed him up in a wizard’s costume complete with wooden broomstick. We didn’t manage to get him flying though. Oh, and we carved a pumpkin, which was a first for us. Really looking forward to this year, and with the choice of Halloween costumes around, it’s quite easy to make it something particularly special.

We may even go as far as getting costumes for ourself this year. I remember dressing up when I was back home in Malta, with costumes ranging from a mummy (thanks to a torn-up sheet), all the way to some really scary combinations, but nothing as scary as this Autopsy Ghoul pictured alongside here. Considering it costs under $20, it’s pretty much everything you need to turn Halloween into something really really spooky. It’s a full Over-the-head Latex Mask with all the outer skin has been removed to show tendons underneath. It’s not the sort of thing you’d like to meet on a dark night, is it.

The other costume that I might like might be something a bit more traditional. This Grim Reaper costume would do it for me. It’s just a hooded robe with long pointed sleeves and belt, but quite a striking costume if I dare say so myself.

Well, the reality is, I probably won’t get to dress up, but Arthur will definitely go trick or treating. We never had that in Malta when I was a kid, so it’s great that he can enjoy the tradition while we’re here in the UK. Last year he was a bit too young for it, but I’m sure we can take him round the neighbours this year. I can’t wait!

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