Congratulations, BenSpark is off to Vegas!

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Creative Commons License photo credit: .klash

If you’ve been following my posts over the last few weeks you’d have noticed that I was taking part in a competition organised by PicApp and FuelMyBlog. Well, the competition is now over and the winner has been announced.

The winner was BenSpark who’s off to Blog World Expo in Vegas next month. Congratulations mate!

I got a notable mention together with;;

It was a fun competition and I always love the spirit of camaraderie that these online contests bring about. I made the mistake of getting emotionally drawn into this one though. Didn’t realise until I found out how gutted I was when I didn’t win. Maybe I should have realised earlier and put more effort into winning. Andrew certainly went all out on his blog Google is not God. Still, it was a valiant effort and I was glad I took part in the competition.

Way to go FuelMyBlog and PicApp. When are you holding another one?


  1. Owen,
    You certainly did a great job on the competition with well over 100 photos. I really wish that they could have sent two people and that you could have gone. I’d really very much like to meet you. You are an amazing blogger and I learn so much from coming to your blog.

  2. Thanks for the kind words mate. Unfortunately, in true Highlander style .. There can Be Only One. Who knows .. maybe they’re run it again next year 😉

  3. P.S. 100 photos? I put up 120 in the last two days alone 😉 .. but I should really have been putting in the effort right from the beginning, like you did.

    Next time .. next time 😉

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