PicApp competition drawing to a close

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Well, today is the last day of the PicApp competition organised together with FuelMyBlog. I’ve done my best, so it’s really up to the powers that be. I hope you, my readers have enjoyed having the PicApp pictures as part of my posts. It’s been an interesting experience and I’ve been impressed with two things about PicApp:

  • The sheer volume of photos: There are photos about everything you can imagine. And I love the way there are always updated with the latest events. If you search for the Olympics for example, you get all the recent photos from the events
  • The interactivity of the photos: I like the way the photos automatically get a description together with tools to share the photo with your friends etc. This is done automatically for you, as is the resizing and styling options you need to insert the picture into you blog post.

All in all, regardless of how I do in their comptition, I wish PicApp the best of luck. Great concept guys!

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