Cruelcard gets an update

Mouse being held by the tail was one of the first websites I’ve ever built. It was my way of teaching myself ASP (VBScript) and well, one way to have fun. It consists of a number of eCards with a specific theme. Some may say they are funny, some may say they are too cruel; but they’re bound to get a reaction.

Anyway, the site’s been looking dated for the last 3 years or so, so I finally got around to giving it a make-over. However, instead of recoding it, I’ve decided to use it to explore the capabilities of Joomla, an open-source CMS package. So I installed Joomla, found plugins to accomplish what I wanted, found a theme, and voila, the site is now live. I’ve added all the old cards in and should really look around for some more. Would love one linked to golf hats for example. But in the meantime, all the older ones would have to do.

Check it out: Send a CruelCard today

Girl being bullied


  1. Just a quick note to say that I still remember the original site after a 3 year absence from the World Wide Wankerz nest of mediocre stupidity. Thank You sincerely for having an ORIGINAL way of looking at a few different things and also having the stamina to update the original site in such a fashion lately.
    -and, no (NO) this is NOT a sarcasm post.
    Sincerely best wishes for both you and your future endeavours_B_/

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