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Great post down at WorkConnection entitled: The resume objective is dead. It talks about how long lists of objectives don’t really add much value to a resume as it’s difficult for the reader to establish a rapport just with there.

The advice to anyone writing a resume is to turn the “Objectives” section into a paragraph that whets the appetite of the reader and entices him to read further into the blog. A bit like a marketing spiel to draw the reader in and try to sell yourself

Here’s the bit I found most interesting:

The paragraph at the top of your resume isn’t there because it’s supposed to be. It’s there because it’s a valuable chance to entice the hiring authority into reading the remainder of your resume. If your summary doesn’t whet his appetite, why would he think the rest of your resume will?

Remember, the purpose of the resume is to get you hired, so make sure you know what’s being asked for and make sure you tick all the right boxes.

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