Take your home on the road

I was having chat with a friend yesterday evening and, as people do in summer, we ended up speaking about holidays, cruises and traveling the world. Traveling does seem to get cheaper and cheaper; even given the recent oil price hikes, comparing prices to 10-20 years ago and keeping inflation in mind, today’s prices are still cheaper than ever. What did come up also were all the different modes of transport available for getting around. We initially started talking about cruises, but ended up talking about caravan holidays.

Now, to tell you the truth I’ve never been on one of these; but it’s been something I’ve been willing to try in the past. I ended up doing some research on the web and came across this 2006 winnebago outlook 24 that fits the sort of thing I would have in mind for taking my home on the road. Actually, I did some browsing on that websites (Altmans) which specialises in that sort of thing. I did actually like their video section which goes into detail about the different types of mobile home you might be interested in and what the difference in features are.

It’s something I plan to do one day, it’s just finding the right time to actually do it that’s the problem! Oh, and making sure I have a good mobile internet connection 😉

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