Are you in a tribe?

Seth Godin is working to promote his new book called Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us which is bound to be just as insightful as his previous books. Today I spotted a post on his blog where he’s inviting people who preorder the book to join an exclusive group to share ideas and thoughts and get to know each other. You got it: a tribe!

That’s a pretty great way to drum up interest in your new book, and at the same time demonstrate the principle that I’m pretty sure the book will go into. He goes into this in a bit more detail in his invitation post where he stresses that one of the attributes of tribes are the fact that they are NOT open communities that anyone can join. This exclusivity is what gives the tribe value and what entices other people to join.

Well, I’ve been meaning to buy one of Seth’s books for some time now but held off because I needed to study for my MBA. But now that’s over, so I’ll be going ahead with this one. Really looking forward to it!

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  1. I find Seth’s books inspiring, engaging and so insightful – I alway wax lyrical about his genius to everyone I meet – can’t wait for this one!

  2. I’ll be perfectly honest, this is the first book of his I’m buying. I’ve been reading his blog for years now and I’m always amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of his ideas. You know the sort, an idea you’ve known instinctively all your life but never really managed to put down in words!

    I’ve just ordered it and ordered Purple Cow with it. Really excited!

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