Back in the Isle of Man

Isle Of Man TT - Previews

I got back to the Isle of Man this morning after a few days in London. It was our wedding anniversary so we spent some time in London, got dinner at Fire and Stone and watched Chicago. We got a pretty good deal from which is nice. I don’t know if you’ve ever used the site, but it’s not as slick as you’d expect, we did get quite a few errors while placing the order, but did get a great deal at the end of it.

It was pretty warm actually, with temperatures hitting around 29 degrees. Not as hot as Malta, but at least in Malta we had an air conditioner (that brings back memories of playing with an a/c compressor and lots of missing bits). It’s nice to get back to the Isle of Man which is a few degrees cooler and where there’s always a breeze.

Where do you book your holidays?

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