Have you stopped smoking yet?

Recently the Isle of Man has joined the rest of the UK in banning smoking in public places, which means no smoking in pubs, no smoking in offices, not even in cars. Pubs and cigarette vendors aren’t overjoyed as you can imagine, but the interesting thing about this is that a secondary market in no-smoking signs and advertising on cigarette receptacles. The great thing about things like no-smoking signs though, is that you can always pick up a good deal online.

I had a look at a website called The Safety Shop for example, where you can get safety signs and other signs. They can even make custom signs for you if you need. Interestingly they have a great offer on No Smoking Signs, buy 1, get 4 free!


  1. Ah I see, that makes more sense 🙂 I thought they were going to pull you over for lighting up in your own car…

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