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I’m going to lunch this Thursday with the Isle of Man Social Media Club. Well, it’s the first time the meeting is happening, so I’m not sure how many people are going to turn up, but it should be fun finding out. Just to make sure you all know about it:

Here’s the plan. Let’s all meet on the Third Thursday in July (the 17th) 12.30 -14.00 at Paparazzi in Douglas for some lunch. We can see how much interest there is forming a social media group, discuss potential speakers and subjects for future meetings and just generally get to know each other.

Everyone with any interest in blogging, social networks, online marketing etc is invited to come along. Let me know if you can come, so I can book ahead. General feedback and ideas for discussion are all welcome too! I can’t wait to meet you.

See you there, just leave your Bugaboo stroller at the door.

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