RapidSwitch get a new DataCentre

Was just looking through some emails and I see that RapidSwitch have a new data centre in Berkshire. Here’s the complete press release:

RapidSwitch, a leading supplier of dedicated servers and one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the UK, is building a new data centre with a 20,000 server capacity, to meet growing customer demand.

Fit out work on the new site has commenced, and it will be ready for service in early 2009. The new site is near Maidenhead in Berkshire, close to the existing RapidSwitch Hosting Centre, enabling direct connectivity between the two sites at multiple 10 gigabit speeds. There is also diverse connectivity from the new site to London, again at multiple 10 gigabit speeds. The data centre is 600 racks in size, which will give a total capacity of 20,000 servers.

It’s always a good sign when a company adds a data centre. It’s a sign of increased growth and confidence in the market. It’s good news, both for RapidSwitch and all their RapidSwitch Dedicated Servers customers. RapidSwitch are interesting in that they are purely focused on the upper end of the hosting market, namely dedicated servers and co-location. Their dedicated servers start at £39 a month, which is a pretty good price if that’s what you’re after.

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