The CV is dead .. Long live iProfile

Just came across a great service today aimed at job seekers and recruiters. It’s aimed at addressing a number of issues plain old CVs have and replacing them with a profile you can manage and control access to. The service is called iProfile and represents a leap forward in how you can apply for new jobs. Here are some advantages the iProfile has:

  • in control – you stay in control of your information and your profile: you know exactly what employers and recruitment agencies will see and know that it’s up to date. You decide who gets to see it and when – and you’ll soon be able to track exactly who’s looking at your profile and why. It also helps protect your personal details, because your information is kept in one, secure place – rather than being sent out, beyond your reach, to lots of different people.
  • saving time – you only have to go to one place to update your profile, and you can then share it instantly with as few or as many agencies and employers as you want – and you can post it directly onto job boards too.
  • first in line – having an iProfile gives you an immediate edge on other candidates, because iProfiles are often the only thing or the first thing that’s searched when it comes to filling a vacancy. They make recruitment much more efficient – so they’re the first port of call for thousands of employers and recruitment agencies.
  • better placed – whether or not you’re actively seeking a new role, using an iProfile helps you in your career, by providing a focus to your development that you can share with others – and get feedback and advice on.

If this sounds interesting, here’s a video you might want to watch that explains how it works a bit more succinctly:

I thought it was pretty interesting, though I wish there was a way you could create different views on your iProfile. Sometimes it’s good to be able to tailor certain information for a particular role you are interested in applying for, and accent those strengths you may feel that the recruiter is really looking for. The technology works really well. I was quite impressed that uploading my Word CV resulted in it’s being automatically broken down by the website into the relevant sections of your website. User interaction is quite slick too and the site is a pleasure to use.

The interesting thing is the focus on “Achievements” rather than cold-hard facts, and allowing users the ability to updated these as they happen, thus never leaving anything out. It doesn’t matter if this was getting your MBA, delivering a multi-million pound system or learning how to build patio furniture, the website can handle anything you can throw at it.

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  1. Yup this is right on the money. One step further than just feedback. I love the fact they have got 3 million users. Some thing to learn here.

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