New icon for TweeterSearch

Just wanted to post a quick vote of thanks to Hyder from FreshPress Themes for creating a new icon for my TweeterSearch plugin: a custom search for Firefox which lets you search for people on Twitter.

It’s great to find so much support and help for things like this online. This plugin has had a paricularly interesting genesis. It was spawned by @corvida wishing somthing similar was available. I poked around a bit, figured how the XML worked (actually, I used the MySearchFunds (a FireFox custom search that provides a Paid Search) custom search to figure out how FireFox’s additional search engines work, hand-crafted a new search and Twittered about it, and now Hyder has contributed an icon for it. The Web really brings a sense of community to those to work and play in it. I wonder if I write a blog post about wanted to do a Cisco certification if someone will send me some used Cisco equipment. *grin*

On a side note, while writing this post, someone (Norbert) popped onto my Google Chatback widget, offering to help translate my Sponsorship plugin to German. Pretty friendly place this Internet, huh?

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