Office Birthday Cards

A mate of mine from work had his birthday a couple of days ago, and I found myself thinking about the obligatory cards that circulate at work. Everyone signs them, but sometimes they feel more like a collection of people rather than a whole organisation. So I got thinking how companies could personalise cards, maybe with a company or team name, to try and install that feeling of a team and improve cohesiveness of people in the office.

I was looking around on Google and came across this card which sort of captures the idea:

It’s a card by The Gallery Collection, a company that specialises in Business Birthday Cards who offer a great selection of outstanding cards as well at low prices. They have others also, but that one in particular stood out.

What I like about the idea is that it creates and “embodiment” of the establishment one works for and gives it a persona thus making it more accessible. I think office cards are a great touch to improving one’s work life. Do you “do cards” in your office?

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  1. I don’t work out of an office but have a small home business and yes I send out cards to clients and in fact have used this company and their cards are really beautiful and when I had a problem with finding my order I called them up and their customer service was great.

    I told my martial arts school about it as they were thinking of sending birthday cards out to students. I think it is a nice idea.

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