There’s no excuse not to learn

I posted a couple of days ago about how the Web can be a great equaliser when it comes to opportunities. Well, today I was also thinking how the whole of society has become more homogenous in this respect, and what sparked the whole thing was the MBA I’m doing as a distance learning course.

There are a whole variety of different subjects you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Most of them allow you to schedule them as you wish, fitting them around family or work commitments and allowing time for all the other pressures you might have in your life. The variety of things you can learn, if you set your mind to, is just astounding.

For example, today I came across an Online Degree in Entrepreneurship by the Kaplain Open Learning College which looks pretty interesting. It’s aimed at people looking for some business grounding in their new ventures or looking for an injection of new ideas into what they are doing at the moment. It includes the following modules:

Level 1 Modules:

Level 2 Modules:

which is a pretty interesting mix. I like the fact that they mix straight business subjects with Internet? Marketing and web Design, which gives people a flavour of what you can do online. If you think this is the sort of thing that might interest you, check them out

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