Trying out a Spark

A couple of days ago I gave SocialSpark a whirl. It’s IZEA‘s new product aimed at becoming a marketplace where bloggers and advertisers can meet and interact with one another. It uses an interesting social model where different entities can befriend one another, communicate directly and work together.

There are a few interesting innovations which I may blog about here in the near future, but the one I tried out first was a feature they call Sparks. A Spark is a non-monetised opportunity for a blogger to talk about something an advertiser suggests. Advertisers can reward bloggers by blogging about their efforts and providing reciprocal traffic to them. Bloggers can use Sparks as ideas for things to blog about if their creative juices hit a brick wall.

Anyway, I create a Spark asking people to blog about an article I posted on AskOwen entitled: How do I list my Entrecard Droppers? which talks about a mechanism that can be used to promote traffic to and from your website using Entrecard. A few bloggers decided to take it up and this was the result:

It was quite interesting experiencing the system as an advertiser and I can see SocialSpark growing at a tremendous rate in the near future. It’s still in Beta, so there are still some kinks to work out, but it’s taking shape nicely. If you’re a blogger signed up to it, check out my Spark


  1. New spelling for Beautiful, huh? Hahaha… I do that all the time too – and it’s my name! 🙂 No worries – the link works and that’s the GREAT part of Sparks!!!

    I enjoyed writing the Spark. Hope you create more.

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