Back from BCS Talk

Just came back from a talk organised by the BCS on Field Service Technology where Steve Burrows, group IT director of Vanilla group gave us some insight on how JLA, the UK market leader in commercial laundry equipment rental, have used technology to streamline their Field Service Operations and integrated them with their ERP, CRM and billing systems.

Here are some key takeaways I picked up at the session:

  • Service is the differentiator that transforms organisations from “Box Shifters” to “Business Partners”
  • Getting real data immediately in the field improves accuracy and reliability that has knock on benefits on the whole of the supply chain
  • Don’t assume that scaling doesn’t requires re-tuning
  • The more you analyse your data, the more effective you can be in making your services attractive to your customer (example excessive break-down rates per year should prompt a service review to keep customer sweet)
  • What is simple and elementary in one industry may be “rocket science” in another

Was a great talk, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  1. Owen, you have summarised the event well. I would also add that return on investment for certain technologies is so short that implementing them becomes a no-brainer – e.g., vehicle location tracking

  2. Hi Owen, just seen this blog entry – glad you enjoyed the talk. Vanilla Group Ltd. doesn’t have a website, so the link to Vanilla Electronics is wrong, can you remove it for me? Ta. Steve

  3. @Steve: Thanks for your comment. I have corrected the link as you requested. Thanks again for dedicating your time to us. It was a great evening.

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