Picking a Platform

Great post on ReadWriteWeb about 5 issues to keep in mind when choosing a web development platform. Regardless of what sort of platform you’re after, these ideas translate well to other technologies also. Here are the things to watch out for:

  • Reach of the platform – the broader the target market, the more effective the platform will be. If you’re writing an application for an obsolete computer, you’re not going to have many customers.
  • Growth of the audience – companies who built applications for Facebook as soon as the API was opened up today have millions of potential customers. Always look to the future.
  • Value of the audience – value isn’t always monetary, however if the audience cannot grow, sustain itself and generate rewards, your work won’t help you attain your goals.
  • Capability to support desired user experience – Choosing a platform without knowing what the capabilities and limitations are could be a surefire route to failure.
  • Efficiency of development on platform – The quicker you can get a product to market, and cheaper it is to maintain it, the better.

Some great thoughts there. I particularly like the way those ideas translate to other technologies also, not just web development. Just like outdoor lighting, a consumer is usually faced with a number of choices to achieve the same goals. If you’re building a desktop application, a website, or even a commercial product that has nothing to do with the web, the ideas are still valid. Best go read the post

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