Giving Zemanta a spin

Sherrilynne sent me a link to a plugin for Firefox called Zemanta. It sits in your browser and waits for you to start typing out a new blog post. Once you have typed in a few sentences it’s supposed to come up with a collection of different links and photos that can be used to compliment your post. It’s an interesting idea that can help improve the quality of people’s postings and also help to make them more interactive. So, for example, if I were writing a post about fiberglass columns, then I should be getting other articles and pictures related to the subject … *poke*

Unfortunately, so far, I’ve installed it, am writing a blog post and nothing has come up, so I’m not quite sure what to be expecting. Still, I’ll leave it plugged in and see if anything kicks into life 😉

(p.s. I know I’m using a supported blog, currently the plugin only supports WordPress, Blogger and Typepad)

Update: it’s working now! .. Yippee!


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