I lost my horse on Craigslist

It was quite amusing (well, not for the person concerned) to hear that someone had been the victim of a prank on Craigslist where somone put up an ad in Craigslist saying he was leaving town and all his possessions were up for grabs. The poor victim got home to find 30 people ransacking his house and most of his possessions (including a horse) missing. The cops were duly called in and everyone chased off, but it was way too late by then.

If you’ve never been to Craiglist, it’s a notice-board type website letting anyone place free classified adverts selling anything from vintage Coke bottles to Precor elliptical. It’s hugely successful in the US and includes categories including jobs, internships, housing, personals, for sale/barter/wanted, services, community, gigs, resume, and pets categories

Techcrunch has an interesting take how technology is simply a mirror for society and Craigslist isn’t really to blame, but I’m sure that excuse won’t help the victim much. Technology just makes it easier for us to communicate and can easily be used to ampify what people really want to do. There’s no doubt that this time it was a prank taken too far.


  1. There are both pros and cons to Craigslist. Most of the cons are based on the poor behavior of individuals who use the site for the wrong reasons.

    I have had great experiences with the website. I found my current job there and I have also had good transactions with other Craigslist users.

    That prank was definitely taken too far and I agree that Craigslist is not to blame. If used properly, Craigslist is a GREAT tool to use!

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