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I’ve been playing a bit with Elgg, an open source social networking platform and one of it’s cool features is the ability to automatically syndicate content from a different blog. Here’s how to do it:

  • go to your profile
  • click on Your Resources in the menu bar
  • click on Feeds (right under the page title)
  • add the address of the RSS feed for your blog
  • click on Publish to Blog (right under the page title)
  • tick the checkbox next to your newly added feed, and add a tag for Elgg to tag your incoming posts with
  • Click the update button.

Quite a neat feature (yes I’m testing it with this post)

Update: *scratches head* – doesn’t seem to work …


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  2. I have installed elgg 1.6.1 and am not able to find out this functionality – is it removed now ? [I am not able to find ” Your Resources in the menu bar” as told by you in step 2]

    Will be grateful to you if you can provide me some other links which describe this feature in more detail…

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