WordPress v2.5 Sneak Peak

I’ve noticed that WordPress v2.5 has gone to RC1 and is available as for sneak preview. It’s a bit later than originally planned but I can understand how the development team are being a bit more cautious about this one as it’s a pretty fundamental change to parts of WordPress, particularly the admin backend. Here’s a list of things to expect in this release:

  • A customizable dashboard
  • Multi-file upload
  • Built-in galleries
  • One-click plugin upgrades
  • Tag management
  • Built-in Gravatars
  • Full text feeds
  • Faster load times

I’m looking forward to playing with this, as it seems to be designed with the end-user in mind. I am a bit worried about some plugins I’ve written which hook into the admin framework. Unfortunately, writing a plugin can be a bit like buying a car cover for your car. If all of a sudden you buy a new car, the cover may not fit anymore and could require modification! You’ll notice from the screen shots that the changes are quite pronounced. Here’s what the new dashboard looks like:

Pretty radical change huh? Anyway, there’s quite a bit of buzz around about the new styling, but what I was thinking of doing was downloading the release candiate and installing it on one of my blogs, just so that I can give it a whirl. I’ll pick a quiter blog though, as the upgrading can tend to break things.


  1. I’ve download the RC1, but I haven’t installed it. I’m afraid of the things that will “break” too. So, I think I’m just going to wait until it’s officially released and the comments pour in.

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