Web 2.0 for lunch

I went to listen to Sherrilynne give a seminar on Web 2.0 and Social Media at the International Business School over lunch. It was a great event where she covered quite a lot of ground. I always enjoy listening to Sherrilynne speak, because, although I have experiences similar to what she describes, she always comes up with some new insight or spots something that I missed. For example, she talked about how a local message board rallied together to organise a petition addressed at a local company here in the Isle of Man and how the company’s CEO used his “blog” to communicate his thoughts directly. The point I had missed was how the local company’s marketing department now had a pool of feedback they could draw on and use to tailor their service, without having to organise focus groups or surveys or any other traditional market research. Interesting huh?

I attended the seminar with some work colleagues and we’ll be using some of the things we heard and trying to weave them into our services. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a huge company, Government or sell back racks for a living, you can always pick up something new by listening to somone else describe their experiences and what they have learnt. Thanks for sharing Sherrilynne.

She’s doing it again next week if anyone wants to sign up

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