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Just wanted to take a few minutes to draw the attention of my readers to some of the more popular WordPress plugins I’ve written over the last couple of years. They would be of interest to you if you run your own blog on WordPress. So here goes:

  • Comment Email Responder: This is by far my most popular plugin. It allows you to reply to a comment on your blog, and automatically send an email to the commenter with your message. This has the double advantage of encouraging your commenter to come back to your blog, while keeping the conversation going.
  • GeoWidget: This lets you put a map of anywhere you want on your blog. Pretty proud of this one, which uses AJAX principles and Microsoft Live maps
  • WP Auctions: This is currently my pride and joy! It’s a super plugin, developed together with Hyder that lets you run auctions on your own blog and sell things to your readers. No fees to pay to anyone, just pure profit for you. Currently in beta, we’ll be launching the free version of the plugin in the next few days. You can sign up for the private beta though.

Check them out ..


  1. can I just say. thank you sO SO SO SO MUCH for the comment email responder. I have been looking everywhere online for something like this, and I have finally finally found it!!

    just did a little test and it worked! so excited.
    I always like to reply, but I hated the double reply!

    I am going to blog about it, hope you don’t mind! 😉

  2. I love the idea of the comment email responder. Brilliant. Sadly I can’t seem to get it to work (largely due to the fact that I am a nincompoop and I don’t speak code, I am sure). It installed correctly. I see the envelope. I click. Nothing happens. No cursor. No ability to type. Nothing. From other blogs I’ve seen something about javascript not hooking and needing to be modified, but I don’t understand at all (nincompoop). Can you help me fix this?

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