Win an iPod Touch (courtesy of Marketing Pilgrim)

News just in! Actually it’s fresh off the press and didn’t manage to make yesterday’s Honeypost .. but it was too good to sit on till the next one so here goes.

Andy Beal, down at Marketing Pilgrim is running a competition giving away an iPod Touch (I so want one of these!) All you have to do is subscribe to the Marketing Pilgrim RSS feed (whether by RSS or by email) and check out the daily updates. Sometime in February he will post a message as part of the feed and all you have to do is email in to let the team know you saw it). One lucky reader will be picked out of a hat!

He currently has around 9000 people subscribed to his feed. What do you reckon, do I have a chance of winning? Read all about it here


  1. Hi my name is Dennis I had a iPod nano 3rd gen, really liked it. I brought it when I was biking. I crashed on my bike and cracked the screen on it. I tried to hook it up to my computer but it broke. If i could hook it up to the computer I could atleast use it kind of like a shuffel
    but it doesnt work. So I would be soooo happy if I got one 🙂

  2. i had an ipod video but i had it in my shirt pocket and let over to grab my goggles out of my friends pool and it fell out and broke. my family dosent have that much money at the moment. and ive been asking for on for years. It would be a dream to win the ipod

  3. hi this is very nice offer to win an ipod.. if i win this i would b the happiest person in world

  4. I’ve never won anything i live on the streets and i have no food when i’m not at school i really would like to win an ipod if i don’t i’ll have nothin to do with just living out in the cold streets. please send me the ipod to 10700 est dartmouth ave apt 212 thats where i stay in the halls to sleep.

  5. IPod touches are amazing. So i am told. I dont have an ipod of any sort. I am the olddest of three I babysit and it would be amazing to have something to just get away from my younger siblings fighting and to calm down when i get mad. So please let me win this IPod touch.

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