Five things SOA vendors are missing

Excellent post by David Linthicum on Infoworld today talking about 5 things that SOA vendors need to do to get in order to be more successful. If you’re in the SOA space you’ll be able to relate to these points; especially if you’re on the bleeding end of trying to implement a product suite that sounded amazing but is failing to deliver. Here’s his advice to SOA vendors:

  • Make sure your product works
  • Make sure you know what SOA is
  • Get wise about the approach to SOA
  • Don’t sell yourself as “One Stop SOA Shopping”
  • Consider the future

Irrespective of whether you’re working in the financial markets, life insurance, government or any other organisation trying to implement a Service Oriented Architecture, I’m sure you’ll look at the points above and relate them to experiences you’ve had with vendors … Read the complete post here.

(Addendum: Dave Rosenburg echos this on his post adding another tip: Get your product into user’s hands. So true: users are the real reason organisations buy these products)

(also posted on my WorkConnexions blog)

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