New wheels

jag-pic.jpgI’ve just realised that I never mentioned that I got a new car a few months ago. Well, sort of new anyway. It’s a second hand Jaguar S-type which is just lovely. We haven’t quite got rid of our BMW yet but we will be doing that shortly. The Jaguar doesn’t handle as nicely as the BMW does (it’s a 328i with a sports kit and literately sticks to the ground); in comparison the Jag feels like a bit like a fat cow, but it’s more family friendly and has a more stately ride.

It has a few cool gadgets, but there’s scope for improvement (as always). Thing about buying a second-hand car is that you don’t get to choose what extras it has. It would have been nicer with one of those wood dash kits or with a built-in GPS, and there are no missile launchers to get rid of slow drivers. But it was relatively cheap, and it has 4 doors (which means it’s easier for Arthur to get in and out), so it fits our requirements 😉


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