Unlocking your iPhone

I hasn’t been long since the iPhone entered the UK market, however we’ve had the advantage that it’s a follower market and we’ve been insulated from the initial cycle of the technology and been introduced to a more recent built. One interesting side to that even though the iPhone has entered the market relatively recently, there’s already a secondary market in accessories and unlocking services that has sprung up pretty much immediately.

I recall a mention on ITV about a local company providing unlocking services, so headed down to iPhone Unlock UK.com, company who offer iPhone unlocking services. Unlocking costs £39.99 for the DIY unlocking package or £69.99 for a technician to do it for you. Their website promises great service. The charge you pay covers a complete solution “for the lifetime of your iPhone purchases”. They provide support, free updates to the software and regular communication. That’s nice actually, the last thing you want is to turn your iPhone into an expensive paperweight.

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