Goodbye Dear Tags

wordpressfailure.JPG*sniff* I have been using tags on my posts for some time now, ever since I installed Ultimate Tag Warrior on this blog. Recently, WordPress have brought out their own tagging features in WordPress, so I upgraded this blog over the last few days and tried to import my tags into the WordPress structure. WordPress kindly provides tools to do this, but guess what .. the process dies half way through. It successfully manages to extract the tags, but fails when it comes to updating my old posts with the tags they had.

The data should still be there, so I’ll try debugging the WordPress import routine and see if I can find what the problem is! Pity you can’t get blog insurance like you can get auto insurance; that way I would have been covered for this sort of eventuality (grin). Well, my insurance is my backup, but data inconsistency, or whatever is causing the problem won’t be covered by that sort of insurance. Anyway .. wish me luck with my debugging. Otherwise, I’ll just have to live without my old tags 🙁

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