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I took the day off today as I wasn’t feeling too well, so I’ve been playing with my computer and Smartphone, updating software and playing with new stuff. One of the things I wanted to do was see how I can stream music from my PC down to my phone. One of the utilities I found to do this is called UCee. It has two components, a server element that lives where your media is and a client that can run on a PC or on a Smartphone.

The Server Component
useeserver.JPGThe UCee Server component lets you create a number of playlists that will be broadcast to your clients and also shared with your “buddies”. These playlists can contain video, pictures, music and even stream directly from your webcam or microphone. The server component doesn’t run as a service, but instead tries to make itself one of your startup programs so that is always available for your clients and buddies.

The Client Component
uceeclient.JPGThe client component can run either on a PC or a mobile device. It gives you access to your playlist and the playlists of your buddies. I tried this functionality out and it seems to work nicely. If you have other buddies you should be able to send them text messages and even start a VOIP conversation with them. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try this, as I don’t really have any friends *grin*

The product seems to still be under development, as the website promises features that will be available in future versions. It looks like it hold great promise though, so watch this space!

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  1. I don’t know that there is an utility that can do this.
    BTW, what is the OS of your smartphone?

    It is really nice to be able to broadcast video to a number of clients.

    Well, you can make a phone theater to any of subscriber, I smell a chance to do a business here.

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