Make a sign .. any sign ..

Today is Arthur’s second birthday and we’re organising a kid’s party for him tomorrow. We were joking about talking how we should have a huge sign outside the venue advertising the party, and I came across a website that lets you do just that. It lets you design and customise a range of different yard signs, magnetic signs and banners.

If we were based in the US we might have gone down that route (except for the fact that we wanted the sign for tomorrow). Prices seem really decent; they claim this is because the buyer designs his/her own sign so they don’t need to employ a designer to do it. The “sign designer” screen it quite cool actually; there’s a great variety of templates to start from and you can pretty much make up any sign you can think of.


  1. @David .. if I had thought about it .. I would have!

    I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate your friends in the Isle of Man phoning you up at 1:00 am to see if there was any way you could make up a sign and get it to them in the next few hours 😉

    Seriously .. next year we’ll plan ahead!

  2. There are actually alot of places that are still very reasonably priced that can/will design a sign for you, exactly the way you want it. I’ve made a lot of personal banners for myself (because let’s face it, it’s a TON of fun!) and dont have the time to do it myself. I tell them what i want then go pick it up, sometimes the next day, and it’s perfect. I think this is a great idea. Good luck!

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