Disappointed at Dell

Don’t you just hate it when a company offers you something and fails to deliver? Camille placed an order with Dell for a couple of laptops for her brothers who have been saving for months on end now. They spoke to a salesperson over the phone, worked through what they wanted and were promised delivery by December 21st. A few days before they called up Dell as the Order Status was still in Pre-Production. She was assured over the phone that the computers will arrive on the date promised.

Guess what? The day before she got an email saying that the laptops won’t arrive till the end of January! How’s that for disappointing a customer? I used to recommend Dell before .. don’t think I’ll do it any more now!

The morale of the story is that if you promise a customer something, make sure you deliver! There is nothing worse than setting someone’s expectations and then failing to deliver. My best online experience was ordering something from Amazon. The promised to deliver an item within 10 days day and I had it within 5! You can imagine just how delighted I was.

Anyway, we’ve gone ahead and bought two HP laptops from Comet. Goodbye Dell!


  1. This is a perfect scenario I think. I’m pretty sure you can hammer Dell for this and make them give you something of value for free.

  2. Very true, The only thing Dell could do to redeem its self is to offer a replacement laptops intill the other ones arrive. But that would require someone at Dell to be aware of just how bad this incident reflects upon them.

  3. I’ll give you a companion story. I ordered a laptop from Dell, they sent the usual emails, then one that said shipping would be delayed until December 26. I said heck with it, cancel — and they said Oh, it shipped yesterday! And it did, too. I’m happy to get it, but ticked off that they don’t seem to know whats actually going on with their shipments.

  4. @techie: Tried to get them to address the situation and they said “if you don’t want to wait, just cancel the order”, so that’s exactly what I did. No offer to redress the situation, no offer for compensation, no apology, nothing!

  5. I would have still followed up with a “What are you going to do to make this up to me?” and see what they say. If they say nothing, I might consider asking for the supervisor and make sure they give me some nice add on and deliver it on time.

    Then, I’d go to Dell’s feedback site if that still didn’t work and then I’d email Kevin Rollins (although he may be gone) and tell him to fix it. HaHaHa

    I guess things worked out ok, but I personally prefer Dell laptops to the HP branded compaq laptops.

  6. From what I have learned about customer service, Dell is making a big mistake by treating customers like this. I think the OLD rule of thumb was that you could count on one angry customer turning 20 people against you. I can’t imagine how many people are given pause every time a blogger like you vents about bad service.

    I have been lucky with Dell, having bought products from them a number of times without any problems.

    I hope you are enjoying Malta.

  7. Underpromise, Overdeliver…Dell got it backwards it seems. Has to be said though, Dells are great workhorses. I’ve had my inspiron 1300 for 3 years and never had any issue. Same thing for the one I had before.

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