Back to my posting routine

So I’m back home following a great holiday in Finland. It was a strange experience having no land line, no mobile phone and no Internet for a whole week, but I seem to have survived. Instead I spent my time skiing, enjoying to quality family time and pulling Arthur along in his sled and throwing snowballs at Camille. Brilliant! I’ll upload some photos shortly.


  1. I forget what life was like before the computer/phone ;)…seriously I feel liberated when my phone “dies” and I don’t charge it for a day or two..trip must have been awesome..and happy holidays.

  2. You are right. It is really tough living without phone and internet. They are part of my life. Living without them is just like having something important missing in my life. Wondering how people in the past can live without these facilities! Maybe we should cherish more about what we have now!

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