Wish me luck

The clock is ticking. My Project Management exam is in less that 24 hours time, so I’d better get started on my final revision. It’s been a crazy week so far, I wish I had had more time to study more, but hey, what can you do. The good thing is that this probably one of my easier MBA exams. The bad thing is that I’ll feel really terrible if I don’t do well in this one!

Will keep you posted tomorrow as to how I get on!

If I manage to get through this, I’ll just have 3 more MBA exams to do .. and I’ll be done! Woohoo!!


  1. So how was your exam? I?m sure you made it. I can still remember the days when I also took the Comprehensive Exams for my Master?s degree. I requested for 30-day leave but I was only granted a week leave. You can just imagine how I managed my time studying for a week for 23 subjects. That was really gross!!!

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