Time to go wireless?

I have a couple of friends who have been looking to move their ADSL connection onto a wireless connection and have asked me advice as to what router to get. I must admit that it’s been a few years since I looked at what was available on the market, and I am presently surprised at how far prices have fallen and how much you can now get for your money. And it’s pretty hard deciding which one to go for as a number of them have fairly similar specifications and price ranges are quite similar too.

I ended up selecting the Linksys WAG200G that’s shown alongside here. I’ve used one of these in the past and was impressed both at the configuration options and how robust the device was. In the 6 months I used it, I don’t think I ever reset the device a single time. Reading through the reviews on Amazon indicates that quite a few people are happy with it, so happy to recommend.


  1. I have a Linksys as well…not sure what model, but it’s very reliable and well worth the money. I think it’s more of the upscale models but losing connection is no fun

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