The Art of Seduction

One of the great things about the Internet is that it provides a window onto all sorts of activities that you may or may not come across in your normal day to day life. Case in point was a website I ended up on today. I was looking through some website relating to programmes that are being shown on TV and came across Channel 4 Rules of Seduction. It’s a documentary filled for the TV that will be shown on December 7th, on Channel 4 of course, where they are expecting viewing figures in excess of 2 million viewers. So, what caught my interest about this programme?

Well, the show is put together by PUA Traning who are in the business of running courses which aim to teach guys “how to seduce, attract and pick-up women”. They run bootcamps, training sessions and even publish books with the aim of turning their students into “pick-up artists”. While I’m lucky enough not to need their services, it was interesting to see that they’ve put together a documentary, not to educate the public, but really as another channel to sell their services and attract new clientèle.

The TV documentary follows Ian, a geek from London, through his training and successes as he is transformed from an inept, babbling fool, to a potential gigolo (well ok, I made that up, but you get the drift). The main thrust of the show, however, is to introduce the company’s services to a wider market and gain maximum exposure, so the whole aim is really to create buzz and make sure people talk about the show.

I personally won’t be following the show, but it may be your thing. Read more about it on their blog here.


  1. I think that this is normal thing to get help in something that you aren’t good at.

    so, if you don’t know how to get girls, so why not to get help?

    “I personally won’t be following the show”…

    you may think again…


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