Paid Search is a lot like Dating

Just came across an excellent post that compares Paid Search to Dating and draw some interesting conclusions. The analogy seems to work pretty well, putting forward some great advice like, including realising that listening (campaign monitoring) is important and usually many guys are after that one attractive girl (keyword competition). I particularly like the “meeting the parents” analogy, where search engines are compared to a girl’s parents who will judge and rate the quality of your character.

The blog pulled me in to eVisibility’s website. They are an Internet marketing company working to bring brand recognistion and search engine placings to their clients. I like the way they stand out from other Internet Marketing companies by publishing a number of case studies on their website showing some of their methods and results. It’s nice to see a Search Engine Optimization company that seems to work by providing value to their client’s propositions rather than. You can read a bit more about what they did for MacDonalds and LEI Financial.

There are some other great posts on their blog, very much targeted at people looking to learn more about search engine optimisation. There’s an excellent Newbie Guide to SEO (Where do I start) and How to Target your Press Release with Google Trends. Very informative, I’ll be subscribing to that one.

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