Merry Xmas to Me

Watch MP4 Player 2GB, 1.5-inch OLED ScreenI thought I’d treat myself this Christmas, so I’ll be buying myself a watch. Not any ordinary watch, but a 2Gb MP4 playing watch. We’re actually buying a bunch at the office, some people buying some for themselves, some as gifts, but I’m looking forward to having a new gadget I can play with.

I’ve never actually seen one of these, so I don’t know what the build quality is going to be right, but it’s cheap enough to be just a play thing at the moment, and we all love our gadgets don’t we? I doubt the practicality of watching a movie on a tiny screen, but even just being able to use it for storage will be pretty cool, and it also plays MP3s so I can listen to music as I walk to work. I’ll keep you posted on how well it works!


  1. That is neat! I think the band is ugly though … LOL! You’ll have to post pictures when you actually get it … maybe it’s not as bad as that picture makes it look.

  2. Actually, we ordered a bunch and deliberated for days over which one to get (they have a number of models with the same spec but different casings). Not sure if I’ll end up with the one in the pic, but the spec is the same.

    Will post photos when it arrives! Promise!

  3. wow that looks ultra cool
    The pictures on the site are better
    bad part is that you have to charge it like a cell phone

    I wonder how long the batteries will actually last

    and if the battery does run out, do you have to reset the time ?

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