Dealing with cross-browser issues

It can be pretty frustrating to design a website that’s perfect in your client’s eyes only to find that it doesn’t work in a different browser to the one you developed it in. That’s why it makes sense to test as early as you can in as many different browsers a possible. And making your site cross-browser compatible can be quite a challenge sometimes. I was helping some of the WorkConnexions guys with an issue they have an came across a couple of good links I thought I’d pop here for posterity:

I’m sure I’ll need these again ..

P.S. Thanks to Amy for spotting the typo


  1. Speaking of cross browser issues. The Times of Malta epaper edition seems to have cross browser problems whenever one tries to sign in. The sign in page works perfectly on firefox but not at all on WE. E-mailed to tech guys but still no solution (or response)

  2. *chuckle* … cross-browser issues are a loads more common than you think. The good thing is that there now are Javascript toolkits that abstract away from the browser and make them transparent to developers.

    The biggest problem at this stage is that development teams don’t always test their work on different browsers and tend to be unaware of it when it happens …

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