Google Braindrain

Interesting post on Techcrunch talking about how there seems to be a number of people leaving Google to join Facebook. And it doesn’t seem to be about just money. Facebook is perceived as being a more exciting place to work and experiencing the phenomenal growth that Google enjoyed in the early days. Facebook is set to more than double it’s size over the next year, growing from 300 employees today to over 700 by this time next year. Does the mean the Facebook is really sexier than Google?

I suppose it’s all about wanting to be on the forefront of innovation. It’s pretty exciting to be able to dream things up and be given the opportunity to transform them to reality. I’ve been working on a project here in the Isle of Man that is providing new services to citizens and businesses through an online channel and you can hear the pride in my voice when I discuss the project with anyone willing to lend me an ear 😉


  1. With the current barage of email notifications and constant spamming of my profile by various extra apps I’m getting annoyed with by Facebook.

    If the latest bout of privacy concerns over third parties being able to inject stuff like other-site purchases into your profile is anything to go by I can imagine a lot of people switching off.


  2. @Damien: Yup, I share the same pain.

    One can only hope that besides technies, Facebook is also employing proper marketing bods who are ready to listen to what their users and the industry is saying and help shape what Facebook becomes.

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