Looking for secretarial work?

I came across a site called SecretarialCareers.co.uk which is aimed at people seeking secretarial or PA jobs. It caught my eye because I was looking for an example of a site that is entirely based around one theme and this particular site looks really solid. Even first impressions indicate that the whole thing hangs together in one cohesive whole and I wanted to make note of it for the next time I’m talking to someone about thematic consistency.

So, what attributes do I think work well for the site? Here’s some points:

  • Site Name: Described exactly what the site is about. I’m not a fan of using the domain name as the site name, but in this case it works well.
  • Site URL: Same as site name. This helps search engines too, as one of the factors they rank websites on is the URL.
  • Colour: Black, grey and purple. Not quite sure how these work, but their tonality fitted the subject matter of the site really well in my mind. (someone explain this to me please)
  • Site features: Every single feature on the website is aimed at the same group: people looking for secretarial work. There’s a job search, career advice, CV publisher, salary checker. Again, they’re all around the same theme and nothing detracts you from it.

I think it all the above points work together to help get improve the effectiveness of the site. What do you think?

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