Oh for a cup of coffee

It’s Friday, and Fridays are always time for a bit of fun. Carlo has sent me a great email showing what some more “artistically-inclined” individuals have managed to achieve when it comes to making a cup of cappuccino more attractive. I love these, so I thought I would share .. (click to see full view)

1577689 1577702
1577707 1577712
1577714 1577719
1577721 1577727
1577733 1577734

btw, thanks to Microsoft Live Writer, creating this post was a real doddle !


  1. Those look fantastic.
    Great, now that I’m trying to reduce my daily amount of coffee you show me this.
    Got to go… Cappuccino awaits.

  2. Owen. I came to stalk you and see if you got torched by big G. So far, so good huh? I got it 5 times! LOL, all my PR dropped, from five blogs.

  3. Those look awesome! Almost too good to drink.
    I’m tagging you for a quick and easy fun meme, it’s at my website link above. Hope to see you there!

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