Regional Traffic and Parking

parking.JPGThere are a number of mashup sites on the Web, but my favourite at the moment is It’s not that useful to me at the moment, as I’m based in the Isle of Man and we don’t really have congestion problems here, but I like what Regional Traffic have done with their website.

My favourite feature? Well, traffic reports and route mapping now seem to be a standard with these type of websites, but where this site really stands out is that it also reports availability of car parks in the area you’re looking at and how many spaces are available! I’ve only seen this information around the Norwich area, but I’m sure other areas will follow. Check it out.

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  1. I have added car park stats for Leicester and Lancashire, including Burnley, Chorley and Preston. It’s hard to come by that sort of data though 🙂

    I’ve just updated the site with a major architectural overhaul making it twice as quick with a caching database-driven backend. It now features speed cameras nationally and petrol stations / fuel prices.

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