Finding Business Opportunities online

Are you looking for a specific opportunities to start a new business or expand an existing one? If so, the Internet is full of different places to look. In the Isle of Man we have WorkConnexions which is a brilliant resource for business networking. If you’re looking for something on a broader scale, check out It’s a website dedicated to finding opportunities and leads in a number of different sectors depending on how you want to expand your business.

Before we opened up The Joke Shop we had looked around for franchise business opportunities that might have been interesting. Some seemed to fit our capabilities, most did not. In the end however, we decided to not go down that route and build the business up from scratch. It was a great experience, but maybe not the sort of thing everyone is after. Sometimes, going down the franchise business opportunity can accelerate your business development and springboard your new business.

And if you’re not quite sure how franchising works, here’s a great Introduction to Franchising.

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