Back in time to Sydney

I was going through some old photos and came across some from when I have gone to Sydney. If you were unaware of this, I had spent 6 months in Australia on a student exchange when I was at University. It was a great experience, especially as the Internet was just kicking off back then and things in Malta was still in a very early stage. The university I went to in Australia (VUT) actually had a direct connection to the Internet. Oh, those were the days!

When I was there I took a few days off and went to Sydney to visit some friends. I had tried to look for something in a Sydney hotel, but didn’t quite find what I was after. I found Darling Harbour hotels and North Sydney hotels, but nothing quite what I was after. In the end, I ended up staying with my friends, and also with some family I had there. Had it’s pluses of course, you do get more time to engage that way.

Anyway, I’ll see if I can scan the photos and put them up. I wonder what happened to all the people I went to college with there. I wonder where Lucas Humphreys ended up …

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