FaceBook gets a taste of it’s own medicine

It’s been interesting to watch the growth of FaceBook and the rise of applications that get hosted within it’s “domain”. However, the one thing that has risen to the surface is how FaceBook is perfectly happy to integrate other people’s data into their space, but not that happy to share the data it holds about you.

An interesting development has emerged today. NetVibes, a content aggregator for all things Web related, have launched a FaceBook widget which lets people aggregate their FaceBook content together with data from other sources. It might still be a bit buggy, but I’m sure they will refine on it. It will be interesting to see how FaceBook relate to this, especially as some people believe this is in breach of FaceBook’s Terms of Service. More on Techmeme.

The question is: Which service will YOU use as your home page? And as a developer: who should you turn your attention to? The battle for eyeballs continues …

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  1. You choose the one you think Google is going to own or does own because you know that if they own it they will spider it.

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