Windows Mobile 6

I’ve finally got Windows Mobile 6 running on my XDA Orbit (HTC P3300/Artemis), which really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I went with the Black & Blue ROM by Tom Codon which comes ready packaged with a number of utilities and toys and a great little theme.

Installing it was a bit harder than I would have wanted it to be, however the problem isn’t down to the theme itself. In order to install it, you first need to flash the device with the Artemis USPL which basically opens it up for the installation of any ROMs you want to burn onto it. Unfortunately when I tried installing this, Vista kept messing around and losing connection to the device half way through the process. I finally found a fix for installing the USPL on Vista which involved replacing the USB driver that Vista uses to talk to the device in bootloader mode with a different version. Once I got that sorted out installing WM6 was a doddle.


  1. I find WM6 to be great. I got it built in to my Tytn II. I think a new v6 is out soon (early next year). I cannot remember if it’s a service pack or version 6.x or v7. It looks like it has a nice new interface though.

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