A word with Woodward

It’s refreshing to see the local corporates starting to get in touch with modern technology and using the Internet more and more. The local ferry company Steam Packet has been pushing their online presence for some time now, encouraging people to book online whenever they can (though I don’t believe there’s any cost savings passed on to online ticket purchasers) and making an effort to keep their website current and updated. There still are issues to bottom out, especially in terms of site performance (Microsoft CMS 2002 is a hog)? and their arrivals/departures is not as? timely as the airport ones, but? they actually consider the Internet as a viable channel and this is refreshing.?

Their most recent foray into? new media has consisted of their new CEO’s “blog“. I use the word “blog” losely as the page feels more like a content-edited page than a blog. The main two things I miss on the page are the ability to subscribe to content (RSS) and the ability to comment on specific posts. Instead you have a monologue that is laid out in front of you and a mailbox you can send email to. It almost feels like a stop-gap solution using technology that isn’t suited for the job. Which is a shame, considering you can get a real blog set up in a matter of hours nowadays.

Still, it’s refreshing to see that this new CEO has got his priorities right. Steam Packet is a service organisation and speaking/listening to their clients is paramount to them, even though they enjoy a monopolistic situation. I welcome the new CEO and his efforts and would encourage him to turn his blog from a monologue to a real conversation with his customers.


  1. Thanks for your comment Leo. I’ve emailed Mr Woodward and look forward to his comments, but .. nothing yet.

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